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Welcome to my blog. Short posts with 🔥hot tips for a quick read.
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Super Collection of 4 Cheat Sheets

Published 10 months ago 1 Min Read 505 comments
Super Collection of 15 Cheat Sheets ➤ HTML ➤ CSS ➤ JavaScript ➤ SQL These are all handcrafted by me and will definitely make you a 100% better web developer.
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The Ultimate HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

Published 10 months ago 1 Min Read 158 comments
WPKube has prepared an extensive, up-to-date, ultimate cheat sheet on HTML 5— it includes all the tags listed in alphabetical order. We also included the availability of the tag from the previous HTML 4 version for comparison. On the other hand, this cheat sheet also includes a list of event attributes supported in both HTML 4 and 5 versions, for cross-referencing. We also compiled the different desktop and mobile support and compatibility specifications for HTML 5 on different browsers. There are new interoperable implementations made possible through HTML 5. Now, HTML 5 has the capability to extend, rationalize, and even improve markup available for web documents. Moreover, it can handle complex web applications through new markups and by handling Application Programming Interfaces, commonly known as API. HTML 5 is also mobile-friendly; its features were designed with cross-platform integrations in mind. We hope that with this ultimate cheat sheet, you’d be able to recall or re-master the different markups that has already been updated from HTML 4 to HTML 5. HTML 5 can help designers use cleaner markups that are consistent and uniform, create elegant forms, and work with rich media elements.
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Published 10 months ago 2 Min Read 139 comments
Why is my website not showing my changes? When changes are made to your website they may not register immediately to your browser. You can hard refresh your browser, and if that doesn’t work clear your cache.
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